Mooiste Meisie is a proudly manufactured South African cosmetics range. Mooiste Meisie is the Afrikaans word meaning Most Beautiful Girl. Formulated in Africa we have catered to the harsh African climate ensuring our products are perfectly formulated for all skin types.

Majority of the beauty industry products are manufactured for the European climate and we prioritized our South African clients skin types. We are known for our Extreme Coverage Foundation which is guaranteed the best coverage liquid foundation in the market.

All products are paraben, vegan and cruelty free. Our foundations are serum base with only the finest ingredients for your skin. All makeup and skincare products are non comedogenic and hypoallergenic. It allows your pores to breathe feeling light as a feather with the best coverage. South Africa is known as a rainbow nation with many different skin types and with years of extensive research and development we ensure your skin is catered for. Visit any of our authorized agents to try our amazing products!